How we help

The vehicle rental and leasing industry supports over 465,000 jobs, adds £7.6bn in tax revenues and contributes £49bn to the UK economy each year. Membership of the BVRLA provides customers with the reassurance that the company they are dealing with adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and fairness.

We assist the BVRLA with creative solutions in many of the ways they communicate. From corporate publications that help advise government policy to the creation of design and marketing materials for events such as their annual dinner. To keep projects running smoothly we not only collaborate with the internal communications team but also with their partners, such as the advisory firm Global Counsel – ensuring input from all involved in complex projects is dealt with accurately and efficiently.

Infographics and data visualisations

We have been responsible for much of the way the BVRLA presents important industry data and statistics – typically via infographics that enable important points to be illustrated and visualised more simply.

Annual Dinner event branding

For a number of years we have been responsible for the branding and design themes of the BVRLA Annual Dinner – which attracts around 1,000 members from the automotive industry. The event, last held in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is highly regarded and guest entertainers have included Al Murray, Andrew Marr, Jimmy Carr, Katherine Ryan and Kevin Bridges.

Conferences and events

We create themes that enhance and reinforce the topics of discussion at industry events and conferences for the BVRLA.

"I have worked with Broadgate for a number of years on various different design projects – always very happy with the output, they understand our brand really well and how to portray an event or research document in a way that is fitting for our industry. The turnaround time is always exemplary."



Reports and white papers

We’ve designed and themed many of the key publications the organisation has put out. Cars in the City is a new report from the BVRLA and advisory firm Global Counsel that urges policymakers to consider a growing range of car use options, taking account of the different urban environments we travel in and the needs of those making journeys.