Your overall brand is made up of a multitude of elements – your product offering, service, staff, reputation, market positioning and even the language you use.

It is though, encapsulated in the minds eye of your customers by the visual representation of your logo and identity. We are highly skilled at creating an identity that will trigger that strong association for existing and potential customers and visually represent your business.

  • Logo Design

    A logo represents your entire brand at a glance. Its design can influence first impressions and it is something that people can relate to and bond with. We create logos that allow brands to stand out from the crowd. From typography to iconography, we consider ourselves perfectionists in every detail.

  • Identity Creation

    Allowing your brand to speak clearly and accurately is paramount when you’re trying to grow your business and manage your reputation. Whether you want a simple guide that tells suppliers how to use your logo or a full corporate identity manual covering a range of branded collateral, we develop guidelines to enable your brand to be applied appropriately and precisely.

  • Illustration

    Illustration is a great way to get a message across when photography is too literal or the subject simply can’t be represented in any other way. From graphic icons that enhance your brand to hand drawn illustration sets that tell a story, the use of illustration can be an important asset to your brand. We offer a range of different illustrative styles that can be applied in most situations.

  • Photography & Art Direction

    Good photography is critical to the success of most design projects. Nothing communicates your message or story better than a great image. Equally, nothing detracts more than a poor image! We offer photography as an in-house service so art direction is seamlessly integrated with the design process of a brand or piece of artwork.

  • Copywriting

    What you say and how you say it… who you are saying it to, when and where… the list goes on and it’s all important. From strategic messages in advertising to articles for brochures, newsletters and magazines, our in-house copywriters can deliver the right tone of voice for your audience. Whether you just need help editing or want us to bring an entire publication together, we’re always happy to help.