How we helped

We teamed up with GHO a short while after they had gone through a brand refresh. This turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to exploit the vibrant new branding and bring it to life through a series of animated videos to be presented to investors and stakeholders during their Annual Investors Meeting in London.

Each video takes a journey through the year, summarising the growth of their funds and portfolio companies, aquisitions and overall performance highlights. We regret that due to the sensitive nature of the content featured, we are unable to share the full videos at this time.

Dynamic. Impactful.

To add some visual impact, the videos we created for GHO transition from clear and crisp 2D graphics into 3D scenes with depth to highlight key scenes throughout the animation.


In-depth storyboarding helps all parties visualise everything from the look and feel, movement and transitions prior to our animator starting work.

"Our event was a great success and the animated videos went down very well – thanks for all your support, as always, it was great working with you."

GHO Capital Partners LLP