How we help

Hg approached us initially to create a motiongraphic video to launch their new portal, ‘Hive’ and promote its benefits. Hive has become a hugely beneficial asset to the investor and its portfolio companies. 

With live communities across 25 different business disciplines and  1,800+ members, it enables real-time, peer-to-peer collaboration that is unparalleled in other ownership models.

Since its launch, we have provided Hg with design services that have enabled them to put together an extensive library of digital collateral for Hive that includes video productions, animations, infographics and case studies to showcase successful metholdologies and practices achieved by businesses within its portfolio. 

We continue to work with Hg and some  companies within its portfolio, such as Azets, A-Plan Group and BrightPay, who also require design and marketing services beyond their in-house capabilites.

Creating a buzz with animation

The Hive explainer video was created to present the benefits of the community portal in a one minute animation. The geometrical hexagon pattern lent itself well to the features of the service – allowing for some clever transitions throughout the journey taken by the Hg bee.

Captivating an audience at Hg’s Annual General Meeting

We created the opening video presentation for Hg’s 2019 AGM. The animation acted as an overview of the private equity investor’s strengths and successes. It has since become a useful marketing tool and was subsequently used on the homepage of their website.

On-brand digital content for Hive

We created an identity for Hive Spotlight, a channel promoting video success stories within the Hg portfolio. We also supply video production, editing and motion graphics for this and other marketing purposes.

“Chris & the Broadgate team are experts in their fields. At Hg we work with them in partnership, meaning the contribution they bring feels like an extension to our team, supporting on all forms of content creation, from infographics, case studies and animated videos. They are superb!”


Hg Capital