Organisations change and evolve all of the time. Our role as communicators is to make sure that the right messages get to the right people at the right time so everything runs smoothly.

We have extensive experience of major organisational changes from takeovers and mergers to the creation of group structures and stock transfers. Our team has been engaged by government departments to help design communications process templates for major projects.

  • Change Management

    Our communications consultancy arm began life as specialists in the management of change communications within the affordable housing sector. With stakeholders ranging from tenants & leaseholders to councillors and communities, the skills honed on these complex projects are applicable to most change management scenarios.

  • Digital Transformation

    Recent years have seen many of our clients adopt digital transformation programmes and we are engaged to manage the communications side of the project. Our role is to maximise the impact of the transformation in terms of outputs to customers while minimising any negative impacts internally through effective buy-in communications.