The bulk of our communications work is providing varying levels of support and guidance to clients depending on their size, stage of development and market.

For some, it is appropriate for us to provide a ‘whole service’ support package, acting in effect as the in-house communications team. For others, we provide support to supplement in-house skills or capacity. Whichever approach is appropriate, the key is that we operate as a part of your team, not as an external adjunct, so that we are able to add real and lasting value.

  • Virtual Communications Director

    For smaller or new organisations, not in a position to justify a senior communications post, we provide a “virtual” communications director service. This works by a senior member of our team allocating a given amount of time to your business and operating as if they were one of your members of staff.

    Some of our clients have operated on this basis for a number of years now with great success and without the burdens of fixed overhead costs.

  • Counsel

    We believe that good communication starts from the top of the organisation. We are well versed in working with CEOs and Non Execs, providing senior counsel on strategic and on-going communications issues or the communications implications of mainstream business activities. In reality, this is the equivalent of buying in senior legal or financial advice that may be beyond that which is available in house.

  • Coaching

    We believe in legacy. For many of our clients, we have provided coaching to in-house communications staff to enable them to develop and grow within their roles and to take on more senior functions.


  • Training

    We provide a suite of communications training programmes as well as devising bespoke sessions on demand. Our suite includes: Writing for the Customer, Media training (general), Crisis management media training and Developing a brand.

  • Interim Cover

    For those times when key members of your communications team are unavailable or you are dealing with a temporary increase in volume of work, we are able to provide interim cover, generally on a part-time basis. If this would be useful to you, please do get in touch.